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Large brick church

Church is for the sick, not the dirty

No matter how much effort is put into keeping shoes clean, in North East Georgia red clay is always a lingering in our foot steps.  

Your Hometown Professionals at SERVPRO of Tri-County are ready to help wash away those sins!

Our trained and certified technicians are ready to consult with your facility director to provide the best solution to restore your carpets and floors to a heavenly state.

Call today for a free on-site evaluation

2 inches of standing water throughout the clinic.

Who do we call when our home or business is not feeling well?

When this Family clinic in Hartwell, GA. opened the doors Monday morning to get ready for their patients, they found nearly 200 gallons of water in the lower level preventing their business from opening. Getting all that water out was a top priority in minimizing damage and the first step to getting the clinic back on its feet. SERVPRO Tri County received the call and immediately dispatched our local technicians who are always near you and ready to the go in a moments notice, many times in the middle of the night keeping businesses in your community open for you.

SERVPRO logo that states "Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned"

Highly trained and Certified

SERVPRO industries provides a comprehensive training program which corresponds with the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) which maintains a series of accredited classroom study for the restoration industry. These classes are designed to give technicians a firm and workable knowledge with industry standards and starting at a new hires first day that continues throughout their entire career.

SERVPRO vehicles outside a brick police station

Who are the actual First Responders?

Your local SERVPRO team was proud to be a small part of a bigger response to this historic flood.

Amazingly, there were no serious injuries reported throughout Habersham County as a result of Hurricane Delta. Local first responders were spotlighted in a video aired on ABC World News Tonight showing them rescuing people trapped in the rising floodwaters. 

County manager Phil Sutton said,

“Habersham County would like to commend all E-911 staff, Sheriff’s Department Law Enforcement staff, Emergency Services staff including fire and emergency medical services, and importantly our Road Maintenance staff for their incredible work in the Hurricane Delta recovery process.”

Home with "the home town team" written in front

SERVPRO is your local Hometown Team!

When professional cleaning services are needed in homes and businesses usually, that need is sudden, immediate, and inconvenient. The question is who can respond fast and who should you trust? Your local SERVPRO of Tri-County has a staff with well over 100 years of combined experience. Our technicians live in Hart, Stephens, Franklin or Elbert Counties making our customers our neighbors. All of our staff live near you whether they attend church, send their kids to school and/or shop in the same grocery store. 

drawing of 3 houses joined together and neighbors written beneath

Wonder what the neighbors are saying?

SERVPRO Industries has been serving America for  over 50 years and going, During that time, the company has always made it a focus to give high quality training for its employees so they can serve you.

Anyone can toot their own horn offering the best but, the real test is what do their customer’s say about them?

You can see our reviews on google, facebook and yelp. Plus, we also have over 100 customer reviews on this website.

Person waist deep in the flood water

Easter Floods of 2019

Friday night April 18th, 2019 Northeast Georgia suffered extensive and heavy thunderstorms, along with those storms came massive localized flooding throughout Hart, Franklin and Stephens counties. 

SERVPRO Tri-County crews responded quickly as flood waters can be especially challenging as they carry mud, silt and bacteria from unsanitary sources. Removing the water and cleaning is vital in preventing mold, mildew and other health problems.

flooded forest land from hurricane Delta

Hurricane Delta cleanup

The tail of Hurricane Delta swept through Northeast Georgia during the night of Oct 10 and 11th Causing sever and localized flooding. Since Delta's deluge which dropped over 8 inches of rain on Habersham Oct. 10-11, recovery efforts have been ongoing.

Since the first raindrop of the storm your hometown SERVPRO Tri-County has been right near you in the thick of recovery efforts 

Person walking on clean carpet tracking soot with their shoes

Containing a fire loss is the first step to Restoration.

Take swift action, call the professionals near you at SERVPRO Tri-County. Our technicians are highly trained on how smoke travels so they can identify which areas are affected, this way the affected area can be contained and save the remaining structure unknown secondary damage through physical contact and natural air exchange.   

visible fall out and soot on carpeting that has been halfway removed by SERVPRO

SERVPRO Tri-County technicians are trained on soot removal.

When Fire occurs be sure to call SERVPRO Tri-County for expert advise on soot removal. Depending on the materials burned Smoke/Soot can act in very different ways, 1 cleaning method is not universal and could have a negative impact resulting in extra work and unneeded expenses. For the best near you in disaster recovery call your local SERVPRO 

Ceiling stained with soot after dry cleaning and before painting.

Is painting required after a fire?

This photo was taken after several cleaning passes with a chemically absorbent sponge specifically made for soil removal. The sponge is designed to warm the surface through friction and draw the soil out and into the sponge.This is a necessary step towards soot removal and can be followed by wet cleaning if not painting however, sealing and painting is generally required. 

4 inches of standing water in the hallway of a local business.

SERVPRO is ready to respond to remove water immediately.

In the middle of a recent storm event SERVPRO was called to remove rain water that was flooding into a local business. Within an hour of the call SERVPRO had 3 teams onsite, after the water was removed SERVPRO technicians checked the structure for trapped and bound moisture in building materials and contents. 

Office space with SERVPRO air movers and sandbags fighting intruding moisture.

Mitigating the storm's impact.

During this flood event in Hartwell, GA. SERVPRO was able to help a local business stay open and able to serve its customers while water mitigation, cleaning and repairs took place. SERVPRO technicians are trained to minimize the impact of a loss on a home or businesses keeping it functional and as least intrusive as possible. For our commercial customers this can save thousands and/or millions safely avoiding downtime. 

Interior of a home's duct work covered in soot from a recent fire.

SERVPRO techs are trained to assist you with your duct work after a fire loss.

Inside the primary ductwork, commonly called the 'Plenum,' you can see it has been heavily affected by a fire and soot has covered the interior which is made of an insulated fiber board. With steel duct work, cleaning, sealing and applying an anti microbial is commonly successful, however, due to the porous nature of the fiber board, replacement is generally recommended.

Business office with lots of drying equipment drying carpeting.

Fire sprinkler system damaged structure after cold weather event.

A cold weather snap froze the fire sprinkler system in this local manufacturing plant, causing major water damage to about 4000 square feet of office space. After the office staff was relocated to minimize downtime, SERVPRO removed the damaged carpeting and drywall, remediated the water damage, and supervised extensive reconstruction from start to finish, returning the space to pre-damage condition - "Like it never even happened."

Water shown leaking through a ceiling in a fellowship hall

Rain water at this local church entered though the ceiling trapping water in the attic

If you happen to see water staining or darkening on a portion of the ceiling, even if it looks small the damage can be far greater. Call your SERVPRO professionals if you suspect hidden or obvious water intrusion. We can meet you for a professional consultation and could possibly save you untold dollars. 

SERVPRO drying equipment ducting hot dry air into a ceiling cavity.

SERVPRO technicians are trained to dry hard to access areas.

Heavy rain water from a recent storm entered a school auditorium through the roof where repairs were being made and had not yet completed. SERVPRO used thermo technology to quickly identify where the water was trapped in the ceilings that ranged from 10 feet to 30 feet high. A trailer mounted dehumidifier was brought in to supply enough dry air that turned the auditorium into desert like conditions.  

carpeting being pulled back revealing a layer of vinyl flooring beneath

SERVPRO technicians are trained to identify barriers that prevent drying.

When considering drying materials rather than replacing the balance of time and cost are always a contributing factor. A single layer of carpeting can quickly and cheaply be dried and restored, that is unless there is a layer of vinyl hidden under the carpeting which would trap the moisture in the subfloor. This scenario would extend drying time several days if ever successful, costing unknown amounts and secondary damage would likely be the result.   

SERVPRO technician checking to see if carpeting is damaged.

SERVPRO techs are trained to investigate obvious and subtle damage.

Damage caused by water loss can be very obvious and easily discovered, it can also be subtle and only discovered after other problems have been created such as mold or rot. SERVPRO technicians are highly trained and familiar with water damage giving them what's needed to help you quickly discover all affected areas and materials before secondary damage become an issue. 

Local gym "Total Body Fitness"

SERVPRO called to a local gym and fitness center

SERVPRO received a call regarding moisture and mold growth at a local fitness center in Toccoa, GA. Visible mold is a good indicator that the moisture intrusion has been going on for a long time and will likely require more extensive services and repairs. if you have concerns about water or mold damage, call SERVPRO today.  

School auditorium that was flooded with rain water

Heavy rain and rising water came in through the wall in a local school auditorium.

Being away from any flood plains it is not often that rising water poses serious concerns. However, occasionally mother nature shows her strength by dumping massive amounts of water and overwhelming our terrain and thus causing damage to our homes and community structures. SERVPRO was called to a local school where a recent storm forced rain and ground water into the auditorium.  

SERVPRO air movers evaporating water from a recent damage in a bedroom.

Proper equipment placement for maximum evaporation.

Water damage from a toilet overfill at a home in Hartwell, GA. Our techs used modern moisture sensing technology to track the spread of the water and quickly remove it and other damaged materials. Carpet, pad, vinyl, and baseboards were removed and advanced drying equipment was placed so the structure could be quickly and thoroughly dried. 

mold on a wall after a water damage

Discovering unseen damage from a water loss

SERVPRO crews were called in to a local school in Habersham county after a water intrusion invaded a locker room causing visible and not so visible damage. SERVPRO's highly trained crews were able to discover and remove the water and the mold and restore the locker area "Like it never even happened."

Before and after cleaning red clay out of carpeting

Highly trained and skilled at removing red clay

One of the greatest challenges of the life in North East Georgia is our beloved red clay. If you have been in the area for any time whatsoever you understand that the red clay gets everywhere and stays. SERVPRO techs are highly trained and able to identify and address multiple types of soiling.

before and after photos of dirty and clean air duct system

Before and After pictures of a HVAC system cleaned by SERVPRO of Tri County

This customer in Clarkesville called our specialist regarding heavy dusting and allergy-like symptoms while in their home. Knowing the leading cause of dusting and sick house syndrome is poor air quality our techs inspected the HVAC system, finding it heavily soiled and circulating pollutants throughout the home. After removing the soil and treating the system our customers were able to enjoy their home now circulating healthy air.   

Young children and their teachers posing in front of elementary school

A new generation of dreamers

SERVPRO delivering prize winnings to Hartwell Elementary, all of these children gathering in the photo are a caption of a new generation of dreamers who are being cultivated by the finest educators in the nation. May they be watched over and protected as they raise our children who will grow to lead our nation. 

SERVPRO managers show decorative socks

The sock litmus test

If you ever have wondered whether you are dealing with industry leading managers just ask to see their socks. If they just happen to be wearing socks with animal or food print...well, apparently you've struck gold. Here is to our hard working team and the expressive socks they employ. 

Duct cleaning Hartwell, GA

At this business in downtown Hartwell, Ga. SERVPRO was asked to clean 3 HVAC duct systems, that due to recent renovations had been affected by a large amount of construction dust and debris. SERVPRO was able to capture the dust and prevent contamination in the work environment leaving only clean air for these employees to breathe.    

Office with a View

The view from our mountains territory is nothing short of amazing. Long drives to and from our customer’s homes gives our techs all the time they need to take in the awe's of mother nature. This photo was taken just north of Clarkesville, Ga. from the top of one of the many Blue Ridge ranges that overlooks our beautiful countryside. 

Specialty drying in Martin, Ga.

Getting SERVPRO techs onsite quickly is vital when it comes to saving valuable materials. like this home in Martin, Ga. where our techs were able to save hardwoods by installing a sealed vacuum system coupled with a plastic drying chamber. This set up captures hot, dry air from Low grain dehumidifiers and forces it into/under the flooring. Thanks to a quick action these floors were saved. 

Offsite Content Cleaning

Here is a photo of our Detail crew finishing cleaning and deodorizing a customers contents from a fire damage located in the 'center of the world' Hartwell Ga. After cleaning and deodorization the contents are shrink wrapped onto large rolling pallets and stored until renovations are complete. 

SERVPRO of Tri County circa 1998

Over the past 3 decades, SERVPRO has been blessed with a few hundred amazing employees.  A service business succeeds only on the caliber of its people and we have always been given the best.   Many of our staff have also matured into managers, leaders and even business owners themselves.